Best way to setup FastcgiCache with CDN


I am a big fan of EasyEngine, works great!

I use Single Wordpress W3 Total Cache and updated to the newest version of EasyEngine 2.2.0. What type of caching do you recommend…I see in the update tutorial FastcgiCache?

What is the best way to setup FastcgiCache with a CDN?


@clemens, We always recomend FastCGI cache for every site, with that also we trying PageSpeed for more site optimization. We have enabled CDN through PageSpeed Nginx configuration.

I hope this link will be helpfull for:


Thank! I changed the caching to FasCGI using the tutorial and it works fine!

In see a reaction from Rahul in this post that he recommends W3 Total Cache for Object cache, Database cache and CDN. Also for a faster admin. Will PageSpeed also result in a faster admin?

Are there PageSpeed filters that you advice or don’t advice for WooCommerce?


@clemens, Basically Pagespeed does following task: Image optimization, CSS/JS minification and many other, but missing part is Pagespeed not support for Object caching.

For some of our clinets we have very bad experiance of W3TC, so that why we are thinking Redis for object caching. But we have not yet tested…

Currently we are using all that filters with WooCommerce for some of our sites. Its always best to test each filter before going live


Okay, thanks for your explanation!

You have a lot of great articles online, but it’s hard to see which are the most up te date.


HI @clemens

As your issue is resolved, I am closing this support topic for now. Feel free to create a new support topic if you have any queries further. :slight_smile: