Best way to migrate wp on LAMP (digital ocean one click) to Easyengine?

Best way to migrate a website which is on LAMP (Digital ocean one-click wp install) to easyengine (with php7 and redis) ? Now this is not a complete migration. I manually cloned the website into another domain. Let’s say the clients running main website is and I setup easyengine on another vps on another domain , say ee site create --wpredis --php7). Both are running the exact same replica… Both the website’s dns is managed by cloudflare. Now my plan is the following. I will change the website address in the wordpress site of main domain in settings to xx.xx.xx.xx (current vps address) from ( After this is done will change the domain name of easyengine to (which i’m not quite sure how yet but i’m going to test the available tutorials on different domains). Now will change the dns of to point to easyengine server. Will purge all cache in all plugins. How does this plan sound? Am i missing something? Is there a easier way? Thanks!

I tried searching the entire internet and came up with 10 different options. none of them worked (forget one click) - wasted 2 hrs per method just to realize it doesn’t wrk. I love easy engine and wanted to stick to it - so found an alternate (sleezy) way of doing it…

What I did is fixed my pc hosts file to open the installed website on the ip (ee websites dont open on ip untill this step) : then went there and fetched everything in the existing website via a duplicator / migration plugin (please restrict this to the database only and attachments)

Then just reinstall all the plugins one by one and fetch settings (this way all the crap does not come to the new site - bcz ee is nginx and lamp is well ***** :slight_smile: )

This was the best way I could figure out.

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Could you be a little bit more precise? What i did was created a new site on ee using the ip address as domain name. Now i backed up the old site to new one using WP Clone plugin. All seems fine the new website on IP address is working great. But when i point the old domain to new server ip all i get is nginx landing page. I tried changing site url in wp-admin settings but all the images are gone. What settings , configurations should i change?


nothing to be done in wp-admin.

Please follow these steps in that ORDER ONLY.

1 - install website NOT ON IP but ON ACTUAL 2 - open admin panel of (actual one )and install any migration plugin and take full back up. 3 - change pc hosts file (please google it) - and at the end add the line x.x.x.x (this is to ensure that your website opens without dns pointing to your domain name - ee websites do not work untill dns propogated - this is a work around to that) 4 - open admin panel of ee website ( only because you have changed hosts file) and install the same plugin and pull from the existing back up (I use wp-duplicator) 5 - install all plugins and themes 6 - change hosts file to normal 7 - change dns values 8 - open