Best way to do a full backup of wordpress sites?

hey guys… whats the Best way to do a full backup of wordpress sites?

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@mahir I think creating a zip of whole wordpress installation folder and creating a mysql dump is good enough!

there are many backup plugins. I use Wordpress backup to dropbox

But you can use CLI to backup. Here is another get tutorial

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thanks @web.techj!

i am wondering if the EE guys will add such an option directly into ee… would be awesome.

i’ll be checking out the CLI info, thanks again.

Duplicity is the best choice.

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What are you going to use the backup for?

I don’t rely on any tool but mysqldump and rsync (and crontab) to backup all my sites. There’s no need to bloat your WP with expensive (in terms of IO and processor usage at least) when there are native tools that perfectly do the job.

We are big fans of UpdraftPlus; the tool is wonderful and the dev is very, very responsive with support issues.

Shell script that via cron automates daily, weekly and monthly process of:

  1. Copying all Wordpress files,
  2. Dumping the database,
  3. Gzipping all that and moving to a designated folder.
  4. Checking for time-stamps and deleting older backups.

Then, from time to time syncing that folder with your local environment and possibly with the cloud.

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