Best server setup for WordPress on nginx

Hi people,

I’m just testing out my new server and I would ask some advices. My configuration is Php7.0-FPM, FastCGI cache, nginx.

So, I disabled memcached because I thought FastCGI could do all the work, is it correct or should I enable it? should I also enable APCU?

Then, could it be a good option also to enable Redis? in this case will Redis manage the object cache and FastCGI will cache only pages?

Enabling W3TC with already FastCGI cache running could be useful?


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I am no expert on this stuff yet.

I was running my WP site on a VPS with W3 Total Cache plugin using APCu. To be honest I wasn’t getting anything flash.

After a little research and a post on the forum similar to yours Best WordPress setup? FastCGI, HHVM (PHP5 Backup), Pagespeed? I deciuded to go with REDIS. I haven’t compared it to FastCGI yet as I don’t have enough time to change to compare the very small difference.

Too my knowledge, choosing REDIS, it will do page and object caching. Browser (static) caching is done in NGINX I use EE it’s awesome if you’re not already using it.

Database caching isn’t done but from my research actually slows down TTFB etc so really isn’t worth it. Also I found with W3TC object caching slowed down the backend dramatically. REDIS does seem to slow down the backend slightly but nothing like W3TC, I can live with it.

So to answer your question assuming NGINX does static caching, REDI does page & object. FastCGI only does page caching I believe, so you would need something else for object caching.

On I am now getting .8s TTFB from Australia (server in Singapore) and First Load Time of ~3s @ 1.6MB & 50 requests the repeat load time down to ~2s.

I am very happy with this.

I also have a heap of plugins and WooCommerce running sure to slow things down.


Actually REDIS caches backend as well, so I’m not sure why it slows it down for you, for me with REDIS backend is much faster then without it.

Redis does not do page caching, it’s the only one which not make your page static. If you have issue with Redis, don’t forget you should add settings to your wp-config.php according to the object-cache plugin. You can also use redis as a docker container.

And don’t use to compare the speed between two caching system, they already not give the same result with the same cache…

you can try with But the best will be to use a tool like siege, so you will be sure of the results.

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