Best MySQL (my.cnf) server configuration for performance?

We have a database with around 290 MB in size running MySQL 5.5.37 using innodb tables.

The server config is: 20 Core Processor – 64GB Ram - SSD Disk.

what would be the best mysql configuration you suggest for Fast Query Processing and best Caching.

installed wordpress using with nginx fastcgi_cache (ee installation only :slight_smile: ) [has memcached - ubuntu 64x].

Suggestions are really appreciated to improve query speed and cache performance (80% read and 20% write) Thanks!

For memcache:
Increase Max Memory memcache can use
By default, its 64MB. You may need more.

Open /etc/memcached.conf   
Look for value -m 64  
Change it to -m 1024  
Restart memcached  service memcached restart  

For MySQL Optimisation:

Run the mysqltuner and tools
These tools analyse mysql and give you suggestion what to do to optimize mysql