Best migration system for moving a site to EE site


Hi All,

I’ve had number of issues when migrating a site into an EE site. I love the way EE builds a clean site configuring W3TC, putting the wp-config outside of the htdocs etc. However moving sites via migration tools tends to fail (migrate db pro, backupbuddy) tend to fail since the original site was just a standard config.

I’d love to know the best practices for either a different migration tool you’d suggest or how to convert an existing site either post migration or perhaps during migration into a shiny new EE site.



Hello Coreyallen,

Please refer:



Does this depend on the origin site to have the same folder structure as EE or will it work if I'm moving a site to a subfolder of another domain or as a subdomain?

A majority of my workflow involves backupbuddy archives.


You need to move webroot from old server to current server's htdocs folder for same domain. You can ignore old wp-config.php unless it has some custom config for you.

Sorry but we have no idea about how backupbuddy works.

Future releases of EasyEngine will have better way to move sites.


@coreyallen I've had great success moving sites with backupbuddy. EasyEngine sites will be no different. If you follow the guidelines for migration, they are spot on and it will indeed work for easyengine made hosts too!


Hey Yoyo,

I have backupbuddy and have had bad luck restoring using it since most of my sites have a different file structure (public_html etc). I've looked through the documentation for this situation, can you point out where in the docs it mentions migrating to a host where the wp_config is in a different location and the root file is in a different location from where you're migrating from? Thanks!


I'm going to assume you're "bad luck" is more than likely missing images and bad links?


if so ping me at in gmail chat


Issues with multisite, shooting you an email now. Thanks!


EasyEngine will have its own migration method in


@Rahul: how about installing ee into an existing server? i.e. I simply would like to start using ee on a server where most of the stuff ee installs is installed already so basically I'd like ee to take over. Will that be an option too? i.e. I imagine I install ee and it asks: is this a new or existing server, and if I say existing, it will "import" and convert stuff into tis own structure? That would be a dream come true!!! And it shouldn't be too hard, i.e. on a Debian 7 server stuff is in the correct folders and structures, i.e. sites in /var/www and then one subdirectory per site everything else in the default places but I'd like to avoid exporting everything, installing ee then re-importing...


We have plan to create a command to migrate from EE to EE as well as non-EE system to EE system.


You may track future progress here -