Best image importing tool?

I'd like to get all of my images that my posts use out of blogger and into my wordpress media library. I've seen a few plug-ins that claim to do it. But I understand there's some complications regarding re-sizing and original sizes of pictures, including thumbnails.

What's the best plug-in to migrate images and preserve the sizes, thumbnails, etc. that blogger created?

@vDerekS WordPress may have number of plugins which provide Images importing from server, but I am not sure which would be useful. Regarding images re-sizes: this is the option provided by themes or pluings which you will use with WordPress. We have our own images importing tool, it will fetch all the post content images into WordPress along with actual sizes of images. However thumbnails and re-sizing of images are totally depend on themes functionality.

It looks like an earlier version of your plugin migrated images, but the latest one does not?

Strange! which plugin you are using? We never provided images importing feature with our plugin.

ah ok...must have been another plugin...saw a video on youtube..will have to see which one that was