Best DO VPS setup for Wordpress?

After shared hosting this is gonna be my first time moving to unmanaged VPS hosting -> I have no prior experience with linux, sysadmin and such. But I am willing to learn, and I’m not exactly new to computers. I’m gonna be running a Wordpress blog/magazine on it.

I googled a lot and I’m not exactly sure how to set it all up. Do I just go with the one click wordpress installation on digitalocean, or do I link it with server pilot/runcloud? A friend of mine told me I should go with CentOS+ sentora. Another google search came up with installing Ubuntu 16, nginx and php7 for the fastest Wordpress.

Thanks for any info.

My advice on Digital Ocean is to use the CyberPanel one-click install. The issue with the Wordpress one-click is that you are mostly left on your own to setup anything this is outside a normal and simple wordpress setup. No mail, cache, database or other tools. You will have a better experience with either EasyEngine or Wordops once you get past the initial install. But if you are looking for a very fast Wordpress engine that uses a WEB GUI control panel, then go with CyberPanel.

Don’t let me discourage you from running with one of the command line options if you feel up to the task, but realize that there is a steep learning curve and while a great resource, the help on Digital Ocean and the web in general can be a bit confusing. Please reach out to the community if you do go with EasyEngine as I am sure there are many who can assist.