Best Cache for Highly Dynamic Wp Site

Hi, I am big fan of easyengine and using it in almost more than 25 cloud vps. I recently came up with issue. One of my new wordpress project site have custom post type where I list it based on User voting. So the list is dynamic based on user rating it will be sorted every time. And again the site list will grow on time - similiar to listverse or thetoptens.

With no cache,everything is working fine under easyengine. When I use HHVM, strange thing happens because of some plugins and not using hhvm now. Again I tried with fast cache - when user vote it show voted +1 but serves the old cache. Same happens when I tried wp-rocket too. the new sorted list based on voting also not displayed until I clear cache.

Right now having only autoptimize and redis cache. I am afraid like what if site grows with huge no of list like 1000+. Will my wp scale ? Anyway to work on cache system same time to show voting and list sorting based on voting ?

Need some suggestions.

Thank You, Vijay

First do not use HHVM if it’s breaking functionality. HHVM doesn’t play nice with all WordPress plugins and themes. So use it only after careful testing.

You need to either invalidate fastcgi-page cache when a user votes +1. Another way is to make voting ajaxified.

Without fastcgi-cache and/or ajax, you may not be able to handle much load.

Thank You Rahul. I also removed Redis. I feel like some performance is down. And If I use fastcgi cache - The voting which is ajaxified and shows You voted +1 and updating and shows old voting. And If I use wp-rocket cache, voting works good. Only sorting happens when i clear cache. How to invalidate fastcgi cache when User votes ? Can I use both rocket/super cache with fastcgi or any one only ?