[Beginner] Cant figure out how to get wp working


Hi, i already read documentation and tried to google the answer but i cant figure it out. I only have basic linux knowledge but its enough to use ssh and so on.

Basicly what i did till now:

  • Installed Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on Linode
  • installed EE
  • installed all apps
  • activated sftp
  • installed wordpress with nginx redist for my domain all-homeandgarden.com
  • used Linode DNS Manager to point my domain to the ip
  • ee site enable for my domain

What i dont undestand:

  1. The nginx demo page loads fine. But Wordpress does not show. When i ftp i see wordpress files are in: /var/www/all-homeandgarden.com/htdocs/

The wp-config.php file is in /var/www/all-homeandgarden.com/ and not in the wp root directory??

The nginx demo file that shows is in /var/www/html/ i think. Its also named index.nginx-debian.html (debian??) or is it named always like this?

How do i get wordpress loading normaly on www.all-homeandgarden.com ?

  1. I cant edit the index.nginx-debian.html file but Chmod shows 755. On other webhosts i can normaly edit then but it says permission denied.


Hi there,

Maybe clear your cache, or try a different browser? Your WordPress site loads fine for me:


Thanks, yeah it was some problem with my DNS caching at home.


I suggest you to use Cloudflare to manage your DNS, because their DNS propagation is probably the fastest available. (and it’s free)


The reason the wp-config.php file is located there is for extra security. By default WP looks in the root folder if not found then it will look in DIR above.

Be careful when moving a site to EE that you may get a connection to database error. That’s because you have 2 wp-configs. Delete the root one.


How do you rate them for CDN? I have heard mixed things about them and tried on one site and think it actually made it slower.

Any experience using Amazon etc?


Cloudlare is the only CDN to use a proxy to cache static assets, and if you don’t need to load HQ pictures or other heavy content, it’s faster than any other CDN provider, because it doesn’t require to make extra http requests.


I will have to take another look at it. Do requests matter so much with HTTP/2?

Is the CDN good for larger sites such as forums etc on the free version. Or more for basic setups.



Yes, if we don’t need to use domain sharding anymore, http requests matters. It’s a good CDN for any website, but the Cloudflare will not cache big static files. For css and js it’s perfect, if you have some 3MB PNG, it will not cache them.


Looked into it a bit more and they don’t support CDN locations in Brisbane, Melbourne or Perth for free accounts or something due to Telstra and Optus costs. So really stops me kinda.

I have been thinking of using S3 to offload assets. That at least will help.


With their network, don’t worry about that, all my websites are displayed in less than 2 seconds all around the world. And Cloudflare offer more features than a simple CDN : https://www.cloudflare.com/performance/