Be able to embed content from vimeo, youtube?


I wonder is it’s possible or if there is any plans to be able to add vimeo, youtube url content to my videos library?

Best Regards

Hi @felipechamorrov,

We have future plans for emebedding youtube/vimeo videos but there isn’t any ETA for this.

Oki, I understand. Hopefully soon. That will be a great addition to rtmedia.

Hi again,

How are things looking when it come to embedding vimeo or youtube. This is a quite important feature. My member are asking about this. Or is another way to make this work for now?

All the best, Felipe Chamorro

Hello @felipechamorrov,

By default BuddyPress allows to embed videos, images, and other content into Activity Stream, Group Forum, and Private Message posts. You can refer this link for more details.



How are things going when it comes to this feature? Any add-on coming up for this?

Do a search for buddypres oembed… and I think the plugin “buddypress links” does this already.

Pretty sure the wpmudev “activity plus” also does this.

Yes, but I want to embedd in the gallery, not in the activity. Like adding a new image but with a link.

Well, buddypress link is near what so people can make own libraries but still, it would be great to be able to embedd in the gallery instead, then is everything in one place…