Batch Image and audio uploads

Is their any future changes coming where if a user is going to upload just images they can upload in batches as one complaint that has come up numerous times with any plugin I have used from my users that manages photos and audio albums for their profiles that they can not upload multiple images or audio files at once. It would be nice to allow users to to do this so if their is an update coming for this I will wait till it comes or a a way I can change it where a user can select if they are going to upload a image or audio if they want they can select to batch upload multiple audio or image files at once as well.

Well, we’ve added the multiple file uploaded in the code, but haven’t yet given to the upload screen since we are handling how to manage the multiple files once they’re uploaded, otherwise enabling the multiple file uploader can flood the activity stream with feeds. Soon Album support and playlist support will be added and then only we’ll give that uploader on the frontend

is their a estimated time when this update will be out so i can give my users a ruff estimate when they will be able to do batch uploads?

It will probably be there by the end of this month. We’re currently working on the FFMPEG encoding support.

I don’t see albums in the roadmap anymore?.. How are you guys doing with this?

Albums are added in the code, also room for group media upload has been made. Just few minor tweaks and the new version will be up(2.2) soon with Album as well as Multiple file upload feature :slight_smile:

You are AWESOME!!!

Hello All,

We have release new version of BuddyPress-Media Plugin with albums, batch-upload and few more features. More details are here.

Please upgrade BuddyPress-media plugin on your WordPress site.