Bash Script Auto Backup EasyEngine Sites to Google Drive

Just created a bash script to backup easyengine sites to google drive or minio storage.

Check it out at :

By default, it using gdrive ( to upload files. But you dont need to install it, the script will auto do it. Just follow instruction at the first time you run the bash script to config gdrive.

Instruction :

  1. Install git ( sudo apt-get install git (for ubuntu) or yum install git (for centos))

  2. git clone [email protected]:backendbox/easyengine-cloud-backup.git

  3. cd easyengine-cloud-backup

  4. ./eoc --site

Note :

  • Follow instruction to setup gdrive at first time

  • Type ./eoc to backup all site



Really nice script. It adds a cron job automatically? If not can you share how to do it?


Hi @backendbox You made really good job. Thank you so much.

How to restore site from gdrive. Please explain me.

Yeah. How to restore a gdrive backup?

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