Bad Plugin File after purchase

Receiving The package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature Order: #23530


That error can be coming because of the server. Please make sure that you have at least 5 MBs left on the server, this error usually occurs when the server runs out of space. Also can you please let us know which WordPress version you are using?

Also, may be the file you downloaded is not downloaded completely, which also throws corrupt zip file errors, so please re-download the files and try again.

Just a straight unzip (we've downloaded a couple of times) identifies the zip as corrupt. The download is only 26kb - we get the identical size each time. The error shown above is not due to file space, wordpress version, etc.

Sorry for the inconvenience, we're unable to replicate this issue, each time we're downloading the file, its 106 KB. I am mailing you the file as attachment on the email address I registered with the order number you've mentioned.

Thanks. We've replicated the issue with the link provided with the original order on multiple machines and browsers (and wget on the server). To help prevent future problems with other orders, do you have an email address we can forward the original email and link to?

You can send the file you received in reply to the email we've just sent you. We'll be debugging the issue soon. Thanks for your co-operation :)

Did not not receive any email ~ guessing you sent it to the site owner.purchaser and not me/the dev implementing (using the email address I registered here with). So it may be several hours. :-(

Sorry but we are not allowed to send paid plugins to other email ids except for the buyer's email address :(

I don't want you to send me the plugin. I want an email address to send YOU the bad link for your testing. Sort of explained that earlier, if you want to review this thread. You:

> You can send the file you received in reply to the email we’ve just sent you.

But that was the purchaser. He's busy. I am the developer. I am trying to help you by sending you the corrupted link to help you troubleshoot a problem on your end. I don't want you to send me anything. I just want to forward the original email with the bad product link in it to someone in your organization.

You can mail it to [email protected]


We have sent you zipped copy of addon directly. Please check if that works for you.

Sorry for inconvenience on your end.