Backupwordpress stopped working on easyengine

Hello. I have got 4 separate installations of Easyengine. On two of them (older, not updated versions of easyengine, probably 2-3 years old), the plugin works well and there are no problems whatsoever. On the other two, fresh installations it doesn’t work at all. Neither the manual backups neither the scheduled backups generate a file. There is no error, just it loads and then it doesnt create the file.

I am not sure what to do there, the plugin author said that the problem is in the server, but I’m relying on easy engine for my server config.

Any help?

P.S. Also, one of my servers is blocked from posting on Facebook for some reason. All the pages of 10 website’s that are hosted on that server when linked on facebook produce a 404 error (Facebook can’t access the content). It is the same both for 3 year old sites and 3 week old sites. How can that happen? It’s only one installation of easy engine that produces these problems, and there are 10 websites there. It always worked fine, not sure whats the problem

Hi! Managed to finally fix it, apparently for some reason the problem was that the ipv6 address of the server was not appropriately recognized by the nginx website config of easyengine.

So by adding the following: listen 80; listen [::]:80;

to /etc/nginx/sites-available/ under server, it fixed facebook sharing errors as well as the backup plugin automatic and manual updates for some reason.

Side note, I didn’t expect this to fix the backups, I was doing it to fix the fact that facebook wasn’t able to pick up my pages anymore (While google plus could). I managed to track it down, because people who were using ipv6 addresses were not able to access my websites, while people using ipv4 could.

Weird but fixed.

This is not the case for older easy-engine installs, but if its a newer easy engine installation, it does not accept ipv6 out of the box.

Please fix this