Backup Restore to EE V3 so I can upgrade to V4



Ive been running V3 for a year or two now but it seems like the update to V4 broke everything for me, some of the websites scripts weren’t loading and it thoroughly broke the site.

I’m trying to restore from backup but seems like my site isn’t restoring correctly.

Two directories I backed up were:

Database for

Problem is, after the restore of both the files and database, even after a reload / ee clean I am still getting the wordpress default site.

I’ve tried messing around a bit and no joy, can anyone assist me? I would really appreciate it.



FYI, I plan to upgrade to V4 with a test environment after I get this backup by cloning the VM.

I did create a snapshot of the VM but it seems like the hoster of the site (me), forgot to test before deleting the snap as I was low on space on my host…

I also have my old broken VM where I can share logs to fix the V4 issue if anything? But it’s harder to diagnose as I have no experience with docker containers so I can’t actually do anything.


This is now fixed, resolved by killing everything and starting again… Did nothing different… Weird.