Backup multiple EE wordpresses with NGINX


I want to make multiple EE wordpress and to have some LOCAL backups once a day but only witch saves differences if any and to remove backups when too many. What would be safest way? To keep daily 30, weekly 10 and monthly to have for last year 12 backups?

I saw that is local backups in here But couldnt find if it will save backups for multiple EE wordpress installs of same server and how to modify to remove old ones. Maybe some CLI gui for EE needed to see all installs and to set up backups and modify backup frequency and discard dates? I havent tried yet EE since havent found if backups possible but found that multiple EE i can install since it will make own folder and own database on each run.


Every time I think I implement a deploy process in my projects I always find something complex and I do not do anything :frowning:

It is not by chance that when I research on the subject always comes up with articles with sophisticated solutions using tools like Puppet, Chef, Ansible, or distributed servers. Add to that the events where the speakers present robust and complex solutions, which make me want to automate deploy. Especially for me who is taking my first steps as DevOps.

No matter what many “experts” say, you do not need Puppet, Chef, Docker or other technology to have a deploy.

What I’m trying to say is that a simple Shell Script solution to deploy your application to a remote server (a bucket in amazon using “aws s3 cp s3: //”) via SSH solves your problem. Just list all the steps needed to deploy and then write your script.

Do not be shy about not using a fashionable tool such as Ansible or Chef. For those who had nothing, the good old shell script with git is a great start!

  1. Puppet (frustrating! Rs);
  2. Ansible (very good, but still a cannon to kill a fly);
  3. Bash scripts (unproductive, but OK);
  4. Python (great cost / benefit read more about