Background Image Issues

I've been developing a theme on rtPanel for the past few days, and actually I came across this issue.

I use a background image in the body which will repeat to the x-direction which has a height of 275px. Now this image will serve as the BG for my header till navbar, also the image spreads 100% throughout the screen.

Now in the footer I want to add something similar(BG image), which fill spread through out the screen which should begin before the footer widget. One possibility I could think of is use 100% width for the main-wrapper ID, but as it is already defined as 960 px, issue arises. Also I wont be able to add any element before the main-wrapper ID using hooks, as rtp_hook_before_header(); is loaded after the header-wrapper element. Any suggestions on tackling this?

Hi Arjun, The #main-wrapper width could be overwritten in the child theme css in the following manner.

# main-wrapper { width: 100%; }  

There are lots of hooks that are missing right now in rtPanel. Most of this would be taken care of in the next update. For now you could overwrite the header.php and footer.php of rtPanel in the Child Theme and wrap another div around the #main-wrapper. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the reply!, though fixed it using a hook to close div in content_wrapper_end.