B2w still redirecting despite deleting plugin

Hi - I just migrated from Blogger to WordPress. While attempting to fix redirection issues, I installed and activated the Blogger to WordPress plugin. I never finished configuring it because I had imported my data from a staging blogger environment so emilbloo.blogspot.com did not display as a blog I could redirect from.

That is when the redirection began doing redirecting to the emilyinecuador.com home page with b2w in the URL. Example: https://emilbloo.blogspot.com/2012/01/first-trip-to-ecuador.html redirects to https://emilyinecuador.com/?b2w=http://www.emilyinecuador.com/2012/01/first-trip-to-ecuador.html

Since the Blogger to WordPress plugin was not going to fix my original issue, I deactivated then deleted it. The redirection, though, is still occurring as displayed above.

How can I completely remove Blogger to WordPress? Thanks!

I found it - it is in the code I replaced the blogger theme with before I installed your plugin. I still need to figure out how to finish the redirection but it looks like the disable / delete was not the issue.