Avoid media comments posting as new activity post

I have the Kleo theme with Rtmedia. Under the Rtmedia dashboard, I have under Buddypress these turned off: Create activity for media likes Create activity for media comments

When someone does upload an image, and then comments, it posts the comment on the lightbox screen and then add a separate activity post like this: (Username) posted a new activity comment.

Also, have that same issue with other comments. It creates a whole separate post with just my comment. It makes the activity feed confusing for my users.

How to make it so that it doesn’t create that new activity post? I just want comments to appear under the posts and on the lightbox.

Hello @jerryw1976,

rtMedia won’t create any separate activity post if the mentioned admin settings are off. Could you please share a screenshot of the activity post you are getting when someone comments on the media?

We look forward to your reply. Thanks.