Avg memory Use

Hi Installed WordPress with Fast cgi Cache and Memcache Can somebody tell me what is a avg memory consumption by ee without any traffic Although normally I see it around 50% and I tried load with 50 user 5 min it can handle more than 80 k request but Memory usage increased to 85% and Php fpm and mysql usage increase a lot and crashed the server

You shouldn’t worry about memory usage. Linux tries to use all RAM it can instead of using swap. Swap implies disk I/O, much more expensive (in terms of processing) than RAM R/W.

Focus on your site loading fast and stable, leave RAM management to the OS and be happy.

Hi I worry because of Php fpm usage are very high although i find out it not ee its a Plugin which driving everything crazy

I’m also worried about this. I have a 1 gig server that runs great, but a few times already it’s run out of memory and mysql stopped and the site couldn’t connect to the database. I had to manually start mysql. I installed a monitor (netdata) and set the threshold to 10% or less and am notified constantly that memory is low. It sometimes gets down to 2 or 3 percent. Is this just because 1GB ram is not enough? Thanks!

Hi Did a test with W3tc With Preload It Can handle 10 k User Like Chram http://bit.ly/2JvP8oJ and I disable Preload Option and Purge The cache It can Handle it like a boss although There were Php Process But i can Handle 10k http://bit.ly/2Kge9W1

Now Going To test with Some More Post and Plugin