Avatars of author and commetors did not show up in posts and post comments


I can not see avatars of author and commetors in posts and post comments, as illustrated in the bottom of the following article:


Avatars works OK in activity streams.

Is this normal? how to fix it or improve it with easy way?


Can you please give some more details regarding your doubt?

Also, it would be good if you can provide me your site URL to check avatars of author and commentators.

You can see this post: my website link (under development)


I have to shutdown my server temporary, please see the attached screenshot.

If InspireBook theme does not support avatar in post and comments yet, please also let me know when it can be supported.


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Hello Hanzhidou,

Avatar support for author and commentators in post comments is the core feature of WordPress. You can check this feature on our demo site.

Make sure you have enabled Avatar Display in Settings > Discussion (/wp-admin/options-discussion.php), please see the attached screenshot. Avatar will not display if this setting is disabled.

Let me know this is what you needed.

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Previously I enabled it, no difference, quite strange.

What i want is like this:

I found there is also no avatar for blog posts in your demo site: http://demo.rtcamp.com/rtmedia/blog/

could you check it?

You want to show author avatar on blog listing and single post, but the image (recently you attached in your comment) is showing the comment template.

Avatar support on the blog archive or single post is not supported by InspireBook, and this is the part of customization.

OK. Understood.

btw, is it possible to make a cover image for group just like as for user in profile page?

thanks for your support!

For now we have added support for only user profile image and cover image. To add a cover image for a group will need some customization.