Auto Collapse Menu


This is in the form of a question / suggestion - Is it possible to have a page ‘auto’ collapse the menu? I have several pages that look and work much better when there is no menu on the left hand side - I’m wondering if there could be a feature that gives me the ability to ‘auto-hide’ the menu when on that page - or Visa Versa - have the menu that has been collapsed come back out?

Having a great time with the Theme, and very grateful for the support and help - thank you. Happy New Year!


Hello Edward,

Wishing you a very happy and prosperous new year. :slight_smile:

As per I understand you want option to collapsed menu on particular page. If you are talking about this, then I will check and let you know that how could be done this.

Kindly confirm the same.



Happy New Year to you too! Yes, I was suggesting that an option to collapse or open the left hand menu could be added to a page Only because some pages with pictures and such look better without the menu, some with the menu. Thank you for looking into it.

Additionally, a means of ‘hiding’ the title on a page or post would be great too! - Right now I use a 3rd party plugin ( ) - Which works ok - I can then put a Title in that differs from the page or post title…


Hello Edward,

I will check this and let you know.