Audio & Video issue - Also on your Demo site


Using rtMedia 3.0.10 - BP 1.8 - WP 3.5.2
When posting an audio or video file, the AJAX post goes fine and display a proper player but once the page is refreshed it’s all fucked up (see screenshot of your demo site - I got the exact same render). But the same file is properly displayed in the user profile while using the lightbox and in page (opening the link in another tab )

Using rtMedia 3.0.10 - BP 1.8 - WP 3.6
Well I was hoping to solve this display issue as wp would handle the media element… But got nothing at all:

  • Text message gets displayed
  • Your DB table don’t get updated
  • Medias in the wp admin has the file
  • Obviously nothing on user profile

Thanks a lot for your help (again!),


Attachment Link(s):’écran-2013-08-03-à-22.36.51.png

Could someone please help me here…? :frowning:

Just updated to 3.0.11 and solves the wp 3.6 issue! THANKS!

Now still remain the display issue once you reload the page… :frowning:
(which also remains on your demo site too ->

Really looks like some other JS breaking the style…

Thanks for your help!

exact activity post on your demo:

Sorry for the late reply.
We are looking into this issue and this should be fixed soon.

hey @joshuaabenazer
For you info I found a way to solve this on my side:

  1. unregister the actual WP mediaelement CSS
  2. Add my own though @import in my theme style (at least have my own look & feel player lol)
  3. Add #buddypress prior all CSS style
  4. Some more tricks to change rtMedia CSS

But from my test just getting the player out of your blocks makes it work… So surely stands “only” in your CSS

Now the main issue is that we have different look & feel for the players… MediaElement in the activity or in the posts and default browser ones in the lightbox which is not really ideal for users…

Thx again for the great plugin!


@vintagers - Thanks for the walk through. If you want you could fork the rtMedia code on GitHub and contribute to the plugin.

wowww ok, received as an honor from you (and you guys at rtCamp in general)!
I’m not able to code at all like you guys are doing with great art but will keep this in mind for sure and try to help at my tiny level!

And thx again for your fantastic work on the WP/BP community!


P.S.: Just done my first fork tonight for the latest profile picture in the media pop ups… hope it helps…