Audio/Video Encoding service - videos not uploading

WP 3.5.1, BP 1.7, BP Media 2.13 Problem - before updating to BP Media 2.13 I was just using the mp4 video upload option directly to my server. This worked great! Once I updated to 2.13 I tried the free 20MB audio/video encoding service option, which assigned me an api key. While images still upload just fine, video continues to just spin. I'm attaching a screenshot of the not working video in player. Before I updated to 2.13 and tried the service, it would say, for instance, "MP4 format" underneath the video title. Here it's blank and no video ever loads. Perhaps there is some server setting I need to change to give permission for the video to be uploaded from wherever you're encoding to my production server? Thanks, NG

An additional problem is that if I want to stop using the audio video encoding service, how do I do that?

If I can get this working, I'd like to purchase the Gold plan.

And here are the images:

Working before audio/video encoding service:

Not working:

Okay, so I did some testing and the videos are uploading correctly to /uploads and they are playing fine if I go directly to the link. They play fine (though sometimes stretched) in Chrome and Firefox. In Safari 6.0.4 the videos won't play from the Media area in the buddypress profile in the lightbox but .mov will play in the activity stream. MP4's in the activity stream don't work in Safari 6.0.4 either.

Since about 48% of my users are using Safari, this is kind of important for me. Maybe there's a simple css modification?

BP media player working (in activity stream) in Safari 6.0.4:

BP media player not working (in activity stream) in Safari 6.0.4

Here's it not working in the Media album area in lightbox:

I just tried it in BuddyPress default to be sure. It's not loading in Safari:

I've tested on iPhone, iPad, Android, Firefox 19, Chrome, Safari 5.0.6, and it works on all of these. So I think it's just a Safari 6.0.4 compatibility issue. Any info on how to get this working on the latest version of safari would be much appreciated.

Thanks, NG

Hi, Thanks for bringing this issue to our notice. Looks like the the videos don't work on safari in the previous versions of BuddyPress Media too. We are looking into this and will come up with a fix asap.


We couldn't recreate the issue on our end. Could you mail the admin access to your site at joshua.abenazer[at], so that we could take a better look at this issue.

Thanks for the reply. Which part could you not replicate? Safari 6.0.4 with BP Media 2.13.2 and mp4 video uploads do not play. The main test site is on our university testing server and only local accounts can directly access it. However, I also test it on Bluehost servers just to isolate certain bugs. Take a look at this link:

Using safari 6.0.4 try to play that video. It will look like this forever:

I'll also add you as admin. I'd like to use the gold package through the audio/video encoding but, like I said, a lot of our users here are on Safari. This plugin is amazing.

Best, NG

This seems to be an explanation of a similar problem with in safari 6.0.4: But I don't have anything protected in .htaccess. I'm on the latest version of everything.

Best, NG

On my end the videos play fine on safari 6.0.4. I have attached a screenshot of the same below. ![Safari-6.0.4-MP4](upload://vRoqFwUUWhq22g5v5RoMLLuxZFs.jpeg).