Audio / Video Encoding - Addon doesn't convert any of my videos


i’ve just joined the free plan of the audio / video encoding addon and
uploaded two videos in different formats (.mp4, .mov). after uploading the videos,
they have the same size and format as they had bevore. so they have not been encoded.
maybe the addon is not working properly? do i need a specific video format?
it would be nice, to see a progress bar while it is encoding. now i don’t see if
it even tries to convert or not.

i hope you can help me out here.


Can you check again it by sending video for encoding from WordPress admin in media listing?
I just checked it on our demo site -> and is working fine.

what do you mean, exactly? i went to dashboard - media - add media -> same result. your addon didn’t even notice, that i have uploaded a video.

i tried again via buddypress user profile (uploading via media - upload) and did some screenshots. maybe you find something i did wrong.

as you can see, the file size is the same as before.
when i click on dashboard - rtmedia - addons, it first shows me 117 x 2 MB (234MB), then after a short while it goes back to 117MB. so there might be an error while encoding.
didn’t check your demo site yet.

i have another question. my goal is, to have users upload a video to their profile page. the videos are way too big (100mb each minute) and need to be encoded. they also should be hosted on an external site (CDN?). i thought, rtmedia kaltura - addon would be great for that. but it seems to be very expensive (from $750). is there another (cheaper) way to realize my project?


I just check for the same file on our server it states that encoding is done. Can you please check again for the same file whether it is encoded or not as it takes some time to encode and restore it back to your site.

it still says its 117MB and a .MOV file. nothing has changed but my traffic at your addon (417MB for not encoding anything).

Please check your server error logs.