Audio Player not displaying properly in Activity feed


I'm attaching a Screenshot - I assume it's a CSS/Theme related issue. is there a way to fix this through CSS? the site is I am using the AVADA theme

If I can't get it fixed I will need a refund as the theme is more important to me than the plugin. Which doesn't seem to work.

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Not the most important for us ;) but I encounter it (Chrome, FireFox on Win'..) also

I'm not using rtMedia pro (free version 3.2.10)


@peeb - Apologies for the late reply. I noticed that you have Media Element HTML5 Video and Audio Player plugin activated on your site which may be causing the issue with the audio player styles. Could you deactivate it and check?


No, installing that old plugin and modifying the skin well - that was a failed attempt to get it to work properly. I'll go ahead and deactivate it. The plugin does nothing since mejs is now bundled with the core. The Problem persists.

I really need a CSS hack at the least to make the player look better. I hacked the CSS in the Modal window so the player would show and it displays fine now. (Before it was an empty box)

But for the life of me I can't figure out how to or what to change in my theme to get this to play nice and display properly in the activity stream!

Please help! I want to love this plugin I really do!


@peeb - I guess the following style should solve your issue

.activity-content .mejs-container .mejs-controls .mejs-time { height: 26px; }


That did it!


@peeb - Glad to know that worked :)