Attach photo on lightbox comment

Is there a way to attach an image together with the lightbox comment? the image could be uploaded on a certain album(or somewhere where the privacy is public) and then shown together with the comment once the user adds his/her comment. (php, js and ajax would definetly be invovled.)

we tried adding the uploader shortcode together inside the lightbox template but doesn seems to work either, its not even clicking…i guess with the right files to edit we can try doing this brutely.

could anyone guide us to which file(s) should be look at?

anyhelp would really be appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi @project_assistant,

Shortcode won’t work there in lightbox.

You will need to do it on your own to handle comment attachments and to add uploader you can edit media-single template.

Hello @pranalipatel! thanks for the quick response! :smiley: I would like to ask futher what file contains the ajax/javascript code that shows/adds the comment after the user clicks on the button to comment?

Hi @project_assistant,

You can find JavaScript code for comment in rtMedia.backbone.js ->

could you help us more @pranalipatel ? :smiley: to which function(s) inside the js file should we be looking at?

Hi @project_assistant,

I have already gave you the line no. it’s 1018.

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