Attach Media Button - Missing in Activity

Hi, i've got everything working i think now apart from Activity Uploads. I've enabled them in the back end but there's no "attach media" button appearing.

Any help appreciated! :)

Screen grab attached. Has anyone else had the same issue?

The irony of not being able to attach a screen grab isn't lost on me either ;)


It's actually very frustrating that a couple of bbPress plugins are not BuddyPress aware and break miserably. That's one of the reasons we decided to extend BuddyPress Media as a complete media solution for WordPress. Hence rtMedia for WordPress, BuddyPress and bbPress.

Now, as far as the issue is concerned, could you post a link to the site and credentials (as a private reply) for us to check out what could be causing this. Preemptively, are there other plugins that work with the activity updates?

Finally, with rtMedia nearing completion, would you be able to wait it out and work with it rather than fixing a plugin that's going to be replaced in a week or so?


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This is an issue with how BuddyPress Media works on multisite. It works fine when Network Activated. However, when selectively activated on some sites on a network, the settings don't get saved or retrieved appropriately, because of which some functionality breaks.

This is one of the primary reasons we started rethinking the BuddyPress dependency. Maybe not in 3.0, but 3.1 is when we aim to lay this problem to rest, once and for all.


OK thanks for checking. I did have bpmedia network activated to start with though and only tried it on a sub site last night to see if it'd fix this problem, so that's not the reason.

TBH I give in with all this, since i've installed buddypress i've spent more time trying to fix conflicts or fix code or find plugins that work with other plugins than i actually have done creating content on the main site. i'm probably just going to delete it all now, nothing's worth all this stress and wasted time.

in fact it was when i had it installed as network activated that i got the message..

"BuddyPress Media 2.6 requires a database upgrade. Update Database."

that's why i tried it on a subsite instead.

There is a lot in BuddyPress that is difficult to modify and there are very few 'professionals' taking a jab at it. It is as much a frustrating experience for us, as it is for you. We've spent more time trying to fix conflicts or fix code or find workarounds that work with other plugins and BuddyPress than we actually have done creating great features in BuddyPress Media (to echo your thoughts).

But, hey, we believe in this WordPress/BuddyPress community and hence inspite of such issues, are continuously trying to build a true social solution for multimedia. We are very well aware of the shortcomings and issues and very very eager to fix them. That's why if you notice, we've been evolving very rapidly. I don't know if it aligns well with your need, but if you do bear with this whole sinister world of BuddyPress plugins, just a little longer, I'm pretty sure, you'd be glad you stuck around.

Finally, as far as BuddyPress Media is concerned, just wait around till rtMedia 3.0 is released. It is truly revolutionary and a leap over BuddyPress Media. I'm not saying it's a magical elixir that'll solve all issues, but it is less dependent on BuddyPress and less prone to conflicts. In subsequent iterations, it'll add major features unheard of in any BuddyPress or for that matter WordPress plugin.


OK you convinced me, i'll uninstall it for now and check back with 3.0 is released. I know you probably get asked hourly but have you any idea when it's likely to be?

thanks again for your time :)