Attach images to comments

Works in WP posts, but not in Buddypress comments (eg Activity comments)

Hello @gregmc,

Unfortunetly, attachment with BuddyPress comments is not available with rtMedia.

Thank you.

Pranali I want help on another post with the link rtMedia Photos as default tab in profiles .

I wrote the profile-loop and was able to display rtmedia onto the profile tab but now I want the profile information tab too as after adding rtmedia to the profile tab I am not being able to display the profile information of the user

Hi @Afreed_Islam

You can use bp_core_new_nav_item: function and can add new nav item for profile.

I am sorry but I am not getting it. I am new to coding in php and yes buddypress too so can you help me out in details. Anyways thanks

Hello @Afreed_Islam,

To add new profile tab using ‘bp_core_new_nav_item()’, you can refer this forum topic here

Hope this helps you. Thank you!