Attach files not working on PC Chrome or IE

Hi all

The “attach files” button when updating a profile is working on an Galaxy S3 and Macbook running Chrome, but it doesn’t work on a Microsoft PC running Chrome or Internet Explorer.

On a Microsoft PC, it does not do anything at all; no pop-up box, no errors etc.
The post udpate function works fine; just not the attach files.

It is possible to upload photos to an album from the “media” page.

Please can you let me know how I can debug?


Sorry for the delay, we are working on that IE 10 fix, and will update our plugin asap. For Chrome, its working fine for us.

Hi Nitun. Thanks for the response. I have also just posted on another more recent topic - I actually had two problems, rather than just 1! The IE10 was one issue; but it turns out that I can't also upload large images on any windows or apple. Please feel free to update on the other topic, or if you believe this is a better place to respond, then please respond here. Thanks


Having the same issue with Internet Explorer. The attach file button doesn’t work with ie10. Sounded like this was being worked on… is there a fix yet?

We had tested rtMedia with IE10 and is working fine. You can check our demo site ->

Hi everyone,

       I wana to know is there any way to create album on my custom page? I am using buddypress default theme. Plugin RTMedia for create/manage Album. I want to show my created album on my custom page where user can create/manage its own albums... Please help