Attach files+ doesn't work!


hello guys! I enstalled your plugin and I found this out that my post button and Attach files+ doesn't work anymore! could anyone help me? here's my website but it's Persian :(


@hephactus - I just checked you site and looks like you don't have rtMedia installed on it. Once you activate rtMedia, try re-saving the permalinks and check.


sorry, now It's enabled. as you can see the Attach files+ and "ارسال" that means "Post" don't work.


It’s enabled. my website


@hephactus - As I already mentioned, try re-saving the permalinks. That should do the trick.


I did it but nothing happened, I also cleared my cache and removed the .htaccess. any of them couldn't help.


@hephactus - It was a theme issue. Looks like you have resolved it by setting a margin-top of 60px on .rtmedia-container.