Assuming the pro licenses can be used on multiple sites I own

I see nothing specific in the features or FAQ about licensing, and I can justify the expense of the pro plugin and the ffmpeg add on if they are indeed licenses that allow me to put the plugins on several of my sites. it says going pro gives “Buy once, use forever.” and opens the source, and given that this is a plugin that hooks into wordpress, I assume that it is gpl or whatever it needs to be… but just to clarify - if I buy these two premium things, there is nothing to lock it down to just one domain we own right?

@stevemedia First all our WordPress Theme, Plugins are open source and fully GPL.

You also have GPL freedom to use these on as many sites as you want.

But support and automatic upgrades will be provided for 1-domain only. Support requires manual efforts and we cannot provides support for unlimited sites in limited cost.

Also, as of now we are not preventing automatic update for any domain, but we might restrict automatic update in future to prevent abuse of servers.

Please let us know if you have any more questions or need any more details from us.

This makes a lot of sense, thank you.