ArubaCloud €1 VPS performance?

It’s not really a technical question, how much performance can I expect from the cheap 1Gb RAM ArubaCloud VPS?

OS is Debian 8, EE is installed. TTFB time is about 1.5S from a US server (VPS is in Italy).

I am planning to add a 2nd domain with WordPress. I don’t expect too much activity, maybe 1000 visitors a day.

And what sort of wp/cache setup would suitable for a small space environment?

Btw, main purpose of this server is to run Outline VPN.

I haven’t used ArubaCloud by the past, but I’m not really in love with providers which work more on “marketing prices” than on VPS performance and features. Just by reading their offers, there is already a small line in the footer which say “cost will be 2.79€ for the new VPS”…

I don’t understand why there still are VPS offers with 1GB RAM when I have 3GB RAM on my phone.

If you are looking for affordable prices, I recommand you Hetzner cloud. Offers are in fact less expensive than ArubaCloud, especially on 4GB+ VPS and with the hourly billing. So you can try the service without having to pay for a month.

Thanks for your reply. But my question is still out there, what can you expect from 1Gb RAM VPS with so and ee.

I am fully aware there are other options from very good providers. I’m also with RamNode for my more serious sites. And for some fun site I have $10/year Litespeed shared host.

The Aruba is for my I-don’t-really-care-sites

If you don’t really care about your sites, why do you care about our opinion?

Go for it and test for yourself, buddy. :slight_smile:

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I cannot to tell you what you can expect from 1GB RAM VPS from Aruba, it depend on their servers usage, disk performance, overselling limits etc… I do not see why you are looking for a cheap VPS offer for your small websites, when you can host all your websites on VPS from the same provider (if you can’t, that mean there is something wrong with your provider offers. The performance, or the price).

Hey. I use Baremetal and VPS servers from Scaleway. Great performance.

You should check them out.

why do you care about our opinion?

I don’t ask for any opinion, I would be interested in some facts. It’s generally about small 1Gb boxes.

But let me rephrase: in case you ever ran into server resource issues despite ee, what was your setup? And what was your wp load?

I get just 1000 hits a day, so I guess I’m far away from worries, still…

You can work with Aruba without problems