Archives Widget is not working

I ran the fix.php and have successfully imported my blogger website to Wordpress. Everything is working fine, except I’m trying to place an archive widget at the bottom of my homepage so viewers can navigate the blog post by month. I also placed the redirect code in my .htaccess file. You can view what I’m trying to do here:

Any help on getting this resolved will be greatly appreciated.


Not sure what exactly the problem occurs, in-fact when open author URL is also gives blank page. Cross check if there are any extra .htaccess rules creating this issue. Also once check on your local system if same problem occurs.

Thank you so much for responding. I decided to delete all the post and try importing again, unfortunately the plugin “Blogger Importer Extended” doesn’t work at all now. Any suggestions? I performed a backup so I can restore the files, but I was hoping to a fresh import if at all possible. Any help you can give will be appreciated.



Hi @dianapfef,

To do a fresh import of post from Blogger to self-hosted WordPress site you can refer this tutorial:

Let me know if you have any questions ahead.

Thanks! I appreciate your response. That is actually the link I’ve been using. I ended up having to run a script to clear the database to run the import a second time. It kept thinking it had already been run and did nothing. Once it was cleared it ran fine.

Thanks and have a great day!