Archive permalink Migration

You article and video for blogger to wp migration were great! Thank you so much for them as they helped a lot. I unfortunately wasn't about to get the DONE to come up when I uploaded the fix.php. I'm not sure if that the issue but my biggest problem is that when I do a search for my site, the archives by month come up and those links don't work. My site is Thank you again for all of your help. =)

Make sure you have uploaded the fix.php file under WordPress installed directory ( where wp-config.php and index.php file is present).

You are a genius! That's EXACTLY what I did wrong--can you tell that I have no idea what I'm doing and am learning as I go? ^_^;; Thank you so much, Nitun!

The fix.php is working fine now. (please remove it, now, that file is not required).

The other URLs are not redirecting, like archives, labels, and feed URL. Make sure you have added the correct .htaccess rule. Cross check the DIY article again.

Yes I was able to fix them with your redirection plugin. =) Thank you so much for supplying it! If I could ask one more question though, do you recommend moving the images are reposting them into the entries or leaving them as they are from when the posts were imported? Thank you so much again for everything!

Answer: Yes, you can move those post content images into WordPress hosting server. In that way, your WP blog will serve images from local hosting account (not from other server) which will speed up the blog. And in future if you delete the account, so in that case also there will be no issue with images.

Thanks, --Nitun

Once again, thank you so much, Nitun. I will add that to my list of To-Dos.

I am a complete novice when it comes to anything related to computers and I seriously could not have made this migration without your help. I so very much appreciate it and will give you a shoutout in my blog in the post after the next one I have scheduled (which about my site move in general). My blog is kinda popular (according to Alexa and my page stats anyway) so I hope that I can send you some traffic by mentioning you as a small token of thanks for all of your help. =) Thank you truly, Kat

You are welcome Kat :-)

I've ALMOST got everything perfect but I have one last sticky area. I did everything according to the directions (at least to the best of skill) about changing the RSS feed (ie changed the Feedburner setting, changed the RSS in my old blogger, added the codes into what I think is the correct access file) but my new post is still not showing up in the blogger reading list. Unfortunately a lot of my friends still use this as their reading list and they didn't know that I updated. =( Do you have any idea what I should do differently?

Let me explain you: 1. If you were using blogger default feed (Not feedburner) in your old blogger blog, then simply add the WordPress feed in blog account, so blogger feed will redirect to WordPress feed. 2. If you are using feedburner feed in blogger blog, then add WordPress feed in feedburner (refer this

Hope it helps you.