Apparent bug/issue when activating InspireBook Footer Sidebar

When I activate the footer sidebar in the InspireBook general settings. despite the sidebar appearing to be empty in the widgets section of WordPress, I get a HUGE footer widget for Archives, Tags and Meta. Why does this happen? Is this a bug? How can I get rid of these widgets as they are not what I want? Thank you!

Hello Ben,

Sorry for the inconvenience, we are looking into it.

This issue will fix in the upcoming update.

Hi Manish,
I have updated to the latest v1.2.1 and the footer bug still remains. Despite not having any widgets used, it still shows random widgets for Meta and Archive etc.

Hello Ben,
Once you enable Footer Sidebar option from Footer options, Footer Widgets Container will add in Widget section.

After go to Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets, you can see Footer Widgets column, you can drag widgets there as per you requirement.

It looks like you do not added any widget in Footer Widgets, so it showing some default widgets as per our code.

Let me know if this helps.


Thanks Sagar, that worked, I didn’t realise there were default widgets if I had not chosen any. You can consider this issue resolved.

Glad to know that this issue has been resolved. :slight_smile:

Not so fast! What do you put in the Footer Widget Area if you do NOT want any Widgets at all?! Having it display what it wants to if I leave it empty isn’t the way I’d expect it to work…