Anywhere uploader - uploaded successful confirmation


If a user uploads from the media gallery page, the uploaded media appears on the page (via the javascript I think) and a message such as "photo-1.jpg 100% 4 KB" is displayed.

I'm using the anywhere uploader template tag in header.php. This enables the user to upload from a page such as the home page. All that happens on successful upload is a message such as "photo-1.jpg 100% 4 KB" is displayed and that seems to be all. In this situation, to make the upload process slightly more user friendly, could the user be automatically redirected to the media gallery page which shows the media that has just been uploaded?


Thanks for the suggestion. We will think about it, and if possible will release it :slight_smile: Keeping this under feature request.


@nitun.lanjewar thanks!


@henrywright - This has now been taken care of using the redirect=true attribute of the rtMedia uploader shortcode.