Anywhere uploader seems to stall after upload is complete


I have added the Anywhere Uploader to header.php for easy uploading.

When a user uploads a media item (photo, audio or video) using the Anywhere Uploader, they get "100% uploaded" message displayed on screen (see screenshot) but then the page stalls and does not do anything else.

Is the user supposed to be redirected to their media page (members/USERNAME/media/) after upload is successful where they can then view the item they have just uploaded?

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@henrywright - As of now the default functionality of the anywhere uploader is to just upload the media. But if you use it alongwith the [rtmedia_gallery] shortcode, the media uploaded will show up right there itself.


@joshuaabenazer - thanks for confirming the default functionality! I think it would be better if the user was redirect to the media page directly after upload. What do you think?

If the redirect is put in place, the user will be able to see the media item they've just uploaded. They would also be free to click on the media item and then comment/edit/like/set featured.

I'd be happy to sponsor something like this as I think it would be a great addition to the plugin and improve usability for the users


@henrywright - I need to discuss the sponsorship part with my team. I will drop you an email regarding this.


Thanks! you should already have my email from last time. Grateful if you could use my Gmail email address.