Anywhere uploader and gallery template tags wont work


I am trying to use the tags
<?php rtmedia_uploader() ?>
<?php rtmedia_uploader() ?>
in my template, but nothing appears.

If I use the shortcode versions, it displays the uploader/gallery, however, after uploading an image, it doesn’t display the image anywhere.


  • Template tags for uploader and gallery won’t display anything on front end.
  • Shortcodes will display correctly on front end, but after uploading (percentage bar works), nothing is displayed anywhere. Checking ‘Media’ section in admin verifies that the picture was not uploaded at all.

Any ideas??


To display media for particular post/page, you need to add id of that post/page in media gallery shortcode.


  1. If you are using the [rtmedia_uploader] in post id 1, and you want to display the uploaded media on same post, then use the [rtmedia_gallery] on same post.

  2. if you want to show uploaded media of post id 1 in some another post (say post id 2), then use the shortcode [rtmedia_gallery context=“post” context_id=“1”]

For more details you can follow this document


Thanks for your response Nitun,

I have a post with an id of 461…(I know this because of the url while editing in admin is

So I first try…


into the content area…

Everything appears correctly on front end.
I select my image and upload.
Upload gets to 100% and then nothing happens.

No error message in console or anywhere.

Then I try…

[rtmedia_uploader context=“post” context_id=“461”]
[rtmedia_gallery context=“post” context_id=“461”]

Exact same result…nothing.

HOWEVER, I try this on a ‘page’ instead of a ‘post’, and it all works fine.

Any ideas?


Just to update on my last post above…
There is a message in the console that states…

Invalid Activity ID rtMedia.backbone.js?ver=3.5.2:315

Thanks for any help


Does this problem occur on the latest version ( rtMedia 3.0.9 )?