Anyway to push recently uploaded photos to front page?

Is there a way (shortcode, maybe) to push recently uploaded photos to the front page? The website I’m building will be user generated contact (their photo uploads) and I would like the front page display recently uploaded for all members (like maybe 6 to a row, pagination style).

Thanks, Bobby

Hello @bpack14,

Once the user uploads a media file and display under the gallery, it can be sorted based on file size, ascending, descending title, uploaded date using rtMedia Sorting.

It provides a shortcode which displays newly uploaded media sorted based on uploaded date.

For Example :

[rtmedia_gallery global=true sort_parameters="new" per_page=6]

Here is the product page link :

You can refer this document link for further details :

I hope it will help you. Thanks.

@pranalipatel - That plugin deals with sorting on the gallery pages, which is nice - I was thinking that something more like a widget to display the last (X amount of pictures) - from the various users to show would be more in line with what I believe @bpack14 was asking - and something I’d like to see…

kind of like the “sitewide posts widgets” do (eg ) - they display a list of items from various users…

or like the widget to display thumbnails of the most recently active user / newest members of your buddypress - in the backend you can choose the number of users to show… having option to show different size images, and how many would be nice… if it was widget code it would be easy to add (and likely used by many WP admins)

also having a shortcode that could be used to diplay "if front page and rtmedia is installed and total rtmedia is greater and 20 then display last image uploaded, then next to last uploaded… etc)

that would be awesome.

Even cooler if the list of images could be fed into something like the smart slider ( ) - I could see this being used by a lot of people… especially if that could be sorted… or set to display with more parameters, like not just most recently viewed images…

but images with most views, or images with most likes /votes or most stars ratings… or most stars rating in past 30 days… things like that would take rtmedia to the next level. Most views this week… lots of cool settings should be possible.

Hello @stevemedia,

If you are looking for a sidebar gallery widget for all pages then you should visit this addon for the same here -

Here is the documentation link for further details -

I hope it will help you.

Thank you.