Anyone using Easy Engine 4+?

Have to say I really liked 3.x and we still use it occasionally. Had some trepidation going 4.0, due to the Docker component as we’ve had poor luck (performance) with DBs in a Docker instance. Wordpress itself runs fine in docker. I can understand why they wanted to use Docker though as I think 3.x only supported a handful of OS/versions. Anyone try 4.0 and have you experienced any problems? It possible to do an external DB within their script?

To my eyes, V4 is a tradeoff of performance for reliability, yes as natural you will find many differences which all are because of the docker env but at the end after using v4 for months now, with hundrends of websites, I feel it is much better.

Yes you will be able to connect an external DB, no problem actually it’s much easier than V3 as all containers use the hostname global-db, if you make a DNS trick and you redirect this to another database server, and set it up with the same credentials it will be smooth like butter my friend.

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