Anyone use hybrid NGINX+Apache (with EE)?

How can I make the hybrid server with NGINX (EE) +Apache, are there any solution or link ?

What’s the point for this?

some plugin needed and not compatible

I don’t see how it would be possible to mix Apache and EE.

Perhaps you should try getting updated versions of your plugins.


you can install Apache and use Nginx as a reverse-proxy for Apache, I have already used this configuration by the past. There is a tutorial available on howtoforge and it will be very similar with EasyEngine.

That means I will not be using EE anymore, right?

You will still use EE for your other websites and to manage your nginx vhost, because Apache will listen on other ports than 80 and 443 (for example 7080 & 7443), so it will not impact nginx and easyengine will still work properly.

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Which plugins? There is probably a workaround or alternative.