Any Suggestions or Plans to Speed up the Admin Area?

It’s been a few weeks and everything seems awesome and stable, so I’m about to jump ship to EE 100% As I do this I’d like to address the Admin area - which has a load time of 1 second on my current host (flywheel) They use Nginx as well. My current self hosted EE site is wicked fast on the front end, however I have a 7 second Admin load time there…

Any thoughts or tweaks you might have up your sleeve in regards to this?

If you have good enough RAM then
Increase Max Memory memcache can use
By default, its 64MB. You may need more.

  1. Open /etc/memcached.conf
  2. Look for value -m 64
  3. <li>Change it to -m 1024</li>  
    <li>Restart memcached  service memcached restart</li>  

Tune MySQL:
Run the mysqltuner and and follow the suggestions

Thank you Mitesh : )

I do have 2GB of Ram at this time…

Location for this function: mysqltuner is here?:
I’m not sure where to look for this

MySQL Tuner:
apt-get install mysqltuner

This: is great!

Thank you…