Any official guide on installing easyengine with Google Cloud

Hi Team,

I see guides on setting up easyengine with AWS,Linode,Digital Ocean Is there any quick guide on installing easyengine on Google cloud. if so please point me to the location.

I have had installs on DO/Linode/Vultr with easyengine and installation steps are same though, I just want to know if any extra things need to take care while installing at google cloud

Thank you.

Hello @Umashankar, there are no particular settings for Google cloud, you will just have to open some ports with the firewall to access for example to the backend with phpmyadmin.

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Hey guys I’m a total newbie. I wanted to switch from bitnami stack to ee because I’ve read really good things about the performance.

I’m currently trying to deploy ee wordpress with redis and letsencrypt to Google cloud platform. With each run it fails on the WordPress download set and performs a clean up.

Has anyone encountered a similar issue recently and if so what was the work around?

It is a known issue.

Thanks, i am reading this about updating the a file to use the local_Gb instead of the use but that seems above my skill level. lol.