Any of user's library section has weird foot widget like copies

Http:// In this “members” section, all members have “medya” tab to see their uploaded medias. But in this particulary personel’’ meida page have weird footer widgetlike dublicated blocks. How can i fix that?

Hello @Emresan,

Can you please provide a screenshot of the issue?

Also, please check if this issue persists once you activate any default theme of WordPress and deactivate other plugins? This will help us to identify the cause.

Thank you. this is a sampel page for a random member. All member’s media page have this three time doublet foot widgets. We will try deactivate plugins one by one to understand what is going on there and we will let you know. Thank you.

Hello @Emresan,

The issue looks more related to the theme. Please once try switching to any default theme of WordPress.

I hope this helps you.

Thank you.