Anticipating issues switching from Blogger to either WP or WP

I have a Blogger blog with a custom domain, mapped as a subdomain to my main site (built & hosted at SBI). So “” (blogger) and “” (SBI).

I want a Wordpress site, hosted at GoDaddy. I’d rather not have two sites, meaning I’d be happy to end up with just “”. BUT, I need to preserve the “” content and links, and am planning to follow the tutorial here.

The question is: do I have to keep the domain/subdomain structure in order to preserve the “” inbound links and rankings, or can I merge the two in a single Wordpress “”, transfer over the “” content, links, and rankings, and rebuild any of the content I want to keep from the old SBI-hosted “” around the new WordPress hosted, transferred-in-from-Blogger “”?

If so…do I follow the tutorial as written and everything will come out in the wash? Or are there additional steps because of the domain/subdomain setup from which I’m transferring?

Also: if it’s not already apparent, I may or may not be trying to describe concepts of which I have only (very) limited understanding.

Thank you.

You may need to redirect to URL by adding some .htaccess rules inside shared hosting

Thanks for the answer - decided to just have you folks do it and am very, very pleased with the result.

Great :slight_smile: