Am i missing something


Downloaded and installed via plugins, Activated plugin. Can not find anything. Basically nothing happens, There is no media tab, Can not find any trace of it in the back screen or the front of the site. When you go into "plugins" it is there and activated. The only other thing i tried is clicking on settings there and get this message "You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page." Both my wordpress and BP are fully updated. Am i missing something?


Looks like you are using WordPress Multisite AND activated plugin on a single-site. We managed to reproduce same error in this combination.

We will fix settings page path in next release. For now, you can got to Network Admin >> Settings >> BuddyPress >> Media tab.

If you are not using WordPress Mulitisite or above fails to fix your issue, please let us know.

Sorry for inconvenience caused.


Hey Rahul, I am not using multisite. I am using about 40 plugins though. I will just try to deactivate them until it works and let you know which one it is.


On single WordPress-site it should give you any problem.

Can you see “Media” tab when you go to Dashboard >> Settings >> BuddyPress?

About plugin conflict - most likely if its a conflict, then it may be another BuddyPress related plugin or a plugin which alters roles & capabilities.


I am going to try to disable all of my plugins except BP and BP-Media and see if it works. If it does i will let you know the plugin that causes it to not work.


Ok i got it working. The only thing i wish it had was the ability to designate the content Public, Private, or Friends. I was using Buddypress album. Is there any way to transfer peoples content over? I might just use BPalbum for peoples photos so the can have private albums. IDK yet.


Glad to know you got it working. :slight_smile:

Privacy feature is on roadmap. Most likely will be done before November-end.

In December, we will try creating an importer so people can switch to BuddyPress-Media if they wish to. But, for that to be a remote possibility, we must work hard finishing few essential features first.

Hopefully, tomorrow “Album Feature” will be ready for release. :slight_smile:


By the way, may I know what was the issue? May help us in future…


I had not finished fully updating BP and once that was done. It was the captcha plugin. An importer would be cool. I’m sure my 500 users will not be happy with me that they have no pictures now but hopefully it will make up for it since they can add video and sound. I also might still try to do the bp-album and bp- media combo lol


also glad you are working on the privacy settings. That will be awesome once you have that feature ready. Keep up the great work man!


I also had to deactivate the “Page Lists Plus” plugin but that may have just been messing with the new BP version


I just had a look at Page Lists Plus plugin. Its outdated.

Avoid plugins that are not updated for so long. They may create a security risk.


Something like that is happening to me. I can’t see any of the admin screens other than the one located @ Dashboard >> Settings >> BuddyPress. (the difference is I can click the setting link in the plug in page that takes me to the buddy press config page)

I’m however getting the media tab for the front end and , but I can’t find a way to create different albums. By the way, I logged into the demo site for BP-Media and the same thing is happening: there is no way to create more than one album…

I’m running the latest version of BP and the latest WP multisite .

Any Ideas…



Album feature was released yesterday only. It was not there in old versions.

Please upgrade to get albums and few more features.



Album feature was released yesterday only. It was not there in old versions.

Please upgrade to get albums and few more features.