Allow user to provide url to album image in forum posts


I am using the latest versions of RTmedia and BBpress. Is it possible for a member to access the url of an image inside a specific album? I would like members to be able to post on a forum post, a link to an image inside one of their albums and direct other forum members to it and receive comments under that image. Simply directing forum members to a profile page is not specific enough.

I am using the lightbox feature which might cause additional problems.

Sorry if this question has been asked before. I did a search but didn’t find much on this topic.

Thank you so much for your help!


You could edit the templates to display the URL.

Or tell them to right click the image and select “Copy Image URL” and use that, too.

Hi Illusionglass

Thanks for your reply.

Lightbox disables “Copy Image URL” on right click.

Could you provide more information on how I would go about to editing the template to provide the URL? I am not a programmer.


Just remember, I’m just a customer, not rtmedia tech support. So my help will not be as useful as theirs. is their docs on how to use the templates. The “media/media-single.php” is the file you would want to edit.

The full plugin docs are @ – and I’ll tell you what, it’s a handy 20 minutes to read through them and understand how everything works. :slight_smile:

Have fun


Hi @saxoflora,

As @illusionsglass suggested, you can override rtMedia templates in your theme and can show media url. You can use rtmedia_permalink() function which will show permalink of current media.

I don’t understand why using lightbox will create any issue?

Thank you @illusionglass and @riteshpatel and for your help. Putting your suggestions together, this is what I got so far:

  1. I copy /wp-content/plugins/buddypress-media/templates/ directory to my twentytwelve-child directory

  2. I rename this directory to obtain: mysite/themes/twentytwelve-child/buddypress-media/templates

  3. I looked at the file media/media-single.php and found this code where rtmedia_permalink() is mentioned:

   <div class="rtmedia-media-name <?php if(

rtmedia_album_name() ) { ?>rtmedia-media-name-width-50<?php } else { ?>rtmedia-media-name-width-100<?php } ?>">

       <a href="<?php echo rtmedia_permalink();?>"

title="<?php echo rtmedia_title (); ?>"><?php echo rtmedia_title (); ?>

   <?php if( rtmedia_album_name() ) { ?>
       <div class="rtmedia-album-name">
           <span>&nbsp;<?php echo __( "under",

‘rtmedia’ ); ?>

           <a href="<?php echo

rtmedia_album_permalink();?>" title="<?php echo rtmedia_album_name(); ?>"><?php echo rtmedia_album_name(); ?>

   <?php } ?>
  1. What do I do now? Sorry to be such a beginner.

@riteshpatel, when I right click, I do not see “Copy Image URL” in the list of options. But also, I am not looking for an image url, but for a page since I want to direct my users to this page so that they can comment.

I am grateful for any further help you can provide.


First of all, your way to override templates is wrong.

  1. Copy /templates directory into your theme and rename it from templates to rtmedia.

This rtmedia_permalink function will give you link of current media page. You can use it to show link. rtMedia doesn’t change any right clicks.

This is from where you can get current media page link. As I said you can use rtmedia_permalink function also to simply show link of that media page anywhere you want.

Dear @riteshpatel, thank you so much for your help. I followed your instructions and I got my problem sorted.

I really appreciate your time and support.


Hello @saxoflora,

We are glad to know that your issue has been solved.

You are welcome ! :slight_smile: