Allow members to make costume thumbnails for there mp3 uploads


When Members upload there mp3 file they are not allowed to change the photo from the default photo to a costume thumb nail. Can BuddyPress Media allow members to make costume thumbnails for there mp3 uploads


Hi Michael,

Please start a new thread for new requests. We’ve moved your post to this new topic, this time. However, we might miss your query, if you post inside an unrelated topic.

That being cleared. With rtMedia 3.0, there will be an API for anyone to code this.

Our video conversion addons, already use this API to set thumbnails for videos. We’ll expose this API with rtMedia. However, we are not going to add this functionality in the core, for multiple reasons.

As soon as this API and its documentation are ready, anybody would be able to code this as a small addon.



Great idea, it should be very nice :wink: even if I don’t know how your API is working at this time



We will be using ID3 tags to get mp3 thumbnails in upcoming version of rtMedia-PRO.


Option for custom thumbnails however may take some more time.

Could you elaborate if you want to change default thumbnails used for music files OR do you want an option to upload thumbnails separately for music files?


Hi, thanks Rahul, Sorry to be late, not seen your reply

In fact I would like to uplaod a picture for each audio file but manually, not by reading ID3 tag


No issues. Custom thumbnail upload option is added to rtMedia-PRO roadmap.

If you are already using rtMedia-PRO, you will be able to check progress here -